"I recommend this deck for Tarot readers ~ beginners and advanced alike, and to collectors, especially those with a penchant for merriment as brought on by the magic of mystical creatures. This deck set was obviously a labor of love for the artist and is presented with enormous care and attention to detail. The quality of production is exceptional and the art a real joy to behold. It became available to order as of January, 2010, directly from the artist's site. Mary Griffin is offering free shipping worldwide and this set can be ordered via Paypal."

"I am not an expert on fairies and fantasy realms, on the contrary; my world is a lot more concrete. I have, however, seen tarot decks based upon fantasy themes by the dozen, most of them drawn by commissioned illustrators with no particular affection for the subject. The Hezicos tarot is a work of love by a competent artist within her arena. I am not in doubt either, that it can be a successful seller in these days where more and more people, with the help of books, comic strips, film and tarot decks, retract from reality to explore more agreeable and exciting worlds, than the one they actually live in."

"I loved the pastel coloring in this deck, as well as the lack of borders. The imagery is well drawn and highly detailed, pulling one into the picture. I would recommend this deck for all levels of Tarot readers. It would appeal to those interested in the faerie realm, those interested in theme decks, those interested in artwork, and those looking for a ?gentle? deck to offer their clients."

"Every time I open the oh-so-pretty box (itís a painted package!) and see the cards, my heart gives a gentle leap and I break out in a smile. How many Tarot decks can do that? Itís joy in a box, truth in whimsy?8 works of art. "

"So, am I disappointed with the Hezicos Tarot? Hell no! Would I recomend you go and buy it? Definitely ?go and do it right now! This is a deck like no other that I have seen in a while. Itís beautiful, bright, colourful, vivid and exuberant. It has a playful side, but donít be deluded into thinking this deck is soft or isnít to be taken seriously. I given some excellent readings with this deck, it got right to the heart of the problem and offered many a solution."

"Today I tried something different for my blog. It is a brief video self-reading using the gorgeous Hezicos Tarot. As you can see, the cards in this deck are instantly loveable."

"Thank you again for sharing your valuable time with our listeners."

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"Every card shows the time, love and fantastic artistry that Mary put into her Hezicos deck and it will most certainly speak to you in a most charming and unique way. I highly recommend this deck for your collection!"

"The Hezicos Tarot deck immediately tugged at me the moment I saw it. It became that "gotta have" deck, and it didn't take me more than a few days to order it after first seeing it. I am so happy with my purchase of this deck!! New little treasures seem to pop out at me each time I pick it up and use it. It's a deck that will provide many years of Tarot reading pleasure. "